Pine for MAC

v 0.0.9
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About Pine For MAC

Pine a lightweight macOS markdown editor.

It is a document-based application and aims to adhere to Apple's Human Interface guidelines

  • Themetable
  • Math support (LaTeX Subset)
  • Flavored Markdown on GitHub
  • GitHub Emoji support
  • Markdown, HTML and LaTeX autocomplete
  • Local image support
  • Switchable split view (horizontal or vertical)
  • Full screen support
  • Tab support
  • Support for folders
  • Ability to create custom CSS themes
  • Ability to file
  • Syntax highlighting for source & preview
  • Autosaving
  • Version control and history recovery
  • Markdown shortcuts (keyboard shortcuts and Touch Bar shortcuts).
  • Auto pair markdown tags
  • Markdown extension extensions: Enable/disable
  • Font customization
  • Word count

Note: Pin is still in its early stages. Please raise an issue if you find any bugs or have a feature suggestion!

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Whats New

Version 0.0.9:

New features:
  • Autocomplete support for LaTeX, HTML and markdown with preferences to disable each
  • Support for WikiLink ([[Description|./path/to/]]) markdown extensions
  • RTL writing direction support in editor and preview
  • Preference to show invisible characters
  • Preference to show a toolbar on the window
  • Preference to scroll past end of editor
  • Preferences to sync scroll position between editor and preview
  • 9 new themes:
    • a11y-dark
    • a11y-light
    • an-old-hope
    • gml
    • isbl-editor-dark
    • isbl-editor-light
    • lightfair
    • nord
    • shades-of-purple
  • Some themes having incorrect colors
  • Open -a not working at times
  • Set a max width for
  • Indented markdown lists not getting syntax highlighted
  • Words breaking on any character, now breaking on words
  • Vertical scrollbar not showing in preferences when scrolled
  • Refactored sidebar and tabs
  • Now using custom Highlightr fork
  • library licenses to the 'About' window
  • new UI tests