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About PHPWee For MAC

PHPWee, a free (BSD licence) open-source PHP5 minifier for HTML, HTML5, XHTML and CSS1-3, is a free (BSD licensed) script. It reduces file size, load time, and code changes for websites.

PHPWee was tested on optimized websites and showed a compression rate of almost 10% on We see 17% compression for HTML on the developer's site, and 30% for CSS, Javascript, and Javascript.

The PHPWee HTML compression technology, which is completely new, is absolutely revolutionary. It parses HTML documents and removes unnecessary spaces and verbosity, without altering the meaning. The output is generally at the least W3C-compliant as the input. The CSS minifier is built on Joe Scylla's CssMin package. The JavaScript compressor is also a composite of work that Douglas Crockford's JSMin has inspired.

Minify: Why? You should take a look at Google Page Speed Tools. Page-loading speed is becoming an important part web user interface design and is starting to impact organic search positioning. Poorly optimized code can slow down the web by up to 20%, even after GZip compression has been applied at the server end. PHPWee Performance? PHPWee Performance? We often see a 15%+ increase in page load speed for unoptimized websites when we apply phpwee. Even Wikipedia and could benefit from the boost.

PHPWee: Why? There are many excellent tools for minifying code - such as YUI compression and Google Closure. PHPWee is the first full stack HTML, Javascript, or CSS minifier for PHP. It can be installed on any modern PHP host in less than 5 minutes.

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Whats New

Version 1.0:

  • Initial release