PhotoGPSEditor for MAC

v 1.6
Category  Photography

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About PhotoGPSEditor For MAC

PhotoGPSEditor allows you to easily edit meta-data for photo (JPEG/RAW/Tiff), and can also match data from GPS files (gpx, NMEA). Although the program is freeware you can make donations to support future development.

PhotoGPSEditor allows you to add location and summary information to JPEG, RAW, or Tiff files. Location information includes latitude and longitide data as well as the name of the country, town, region, or area. This information can be automatically added by matching photos with GPS (gpx, NMEA) or manually by placing a pointer onto a map to obtain the latitude or longitide data. The program can also add information about the country, region, or town. This process can also be called "geocoding" a photo/photo.

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Whats New

Version 1.6:

Bug Fix:

  • Update for mac OS X 10.6 to fix a bug that was preventing images from loading
  • PhotoGPSEditor no longer runs in 10.4 or earlier