Photo Grabbr for MAC

v 1.5
Category  Internet Utilities

Photo Grabbr mac screenshot NaNPhoto Grabbr mac screenshot NaN

About Photo Grabbr For MAC

Photo Grabbr allows you to easily download photos and photosets directly from your Flickr account. These features include:

  • Download from a Flickr user or a group.
  • You can easily choose photosets from a user to download
  • You can easily download all photos of a user or group (including the ability to specify certain criteria to determine which photos you want to download).

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Whats New

Version 1.5:

  • Fixed it so that SSL connections are used, meaning you can download from Flickr once again.
  • Also had to update the minimum requirement to OS X 10.6. Sorry, folks, but them's the breaks. It was the only way I could actually update Photo Grabbr.