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About pearPlay For MAC

pearPlay allows you to listen to album previews on ITMS in one continuous stream.

Ever wonder why you can't just listen to album previews on iTunes Music Store in one continuous stream? Why do you have to click the play-button once again after each track? Well, stop wondering. pearPlay allows you to quickly discover new music in the Music Store. You just need to have pearPlay on your Dashboard. It will automatically switch to the next track right before the current preview ends. It's easy to find new music. Listen to today's top songs, the latest album by your favorite artist, or the celebrity playlist of someone you have never heard of. Best of all, pearPlay only takes care of Music Store previews so you can still listen in full length to your library tracks - no special action required.

How does it work? It's quite simple. The new preview will play as soon as you start playing iTunes song-previews. iTunes will stop playing if you wait for the preview's end. PearPlay makes sure iTunes switches to the next track as soon as the preview ends. This keeps iTunes in playback mode. You can adjust the preview length however you want, but anything longer than 30 seconds will cause iTunes not to start playing the next track. For example, a preview length of around 28-29 seconds is a good choice (with the standard 30 second previews).

To prevent the iTunes login-popup appearing after 10 songs, you must be logged in to your iTunes account. This will stop playback. You should also be able to download entire song previews before playback starts.

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