Paranoia File & Text Encryption for MAC

v 15.0.3
Category  Security

Paranoia File & Text Encryption mac screenshot NaNParanoia File & Text Encryption mac screenshot NaNParanoia File & Text Encryption mac screenshot NaNParanoia File & Text Encryption mac screenshot NaN

About Paranoia File & Text Encryption For MAC

Paranoia Text & Encryption consists of two modules: Text Encryptor and File Encryptor.

  • File Encryptor Encrypt confidential files and entire folders securely with the File encryptor. The encryption/decryption process is simply done by dragging the selected file(s) or folder(s) to the application window. The application acts as an archiver, creating a new.enc file.
  • Text Encryptor Protect your messages, notes and cryptocurrency keys (seeds and mnemonics), as well as other text information, from unwelcome readers. You can either use the internal database or copy/paste your favorite applications. A password is set for the current encryption/decryption session, and you may have an unlimited number of passwords for any purpose (notes, emails, social networking, communication with persons A, B, C, ...).


  • This provides real security. Data is encrypted using strong encryption algorithms: Blowfish 448bits, AES256bits, RC6256bits, Serpent256bits, Serpent256bits, Twofish256bits, Serpent256bits, Serpent256bits, Serpent256bits, Serpent256bits, Twofish256bits, GOST256bits (+ Threefish 1024bits and SHACAL-2512bits for PRO Version) ciphers are all available.
  • Steganography: The Text Encryptor has a steganographic feature that conceals a text within an image (JPG). To create a final steganogram (JPEG) image, a steganographic algorithm (F5 algorithm), is used with a chosen symmetric cryptoher algorithm.
  • Paranoia Text Encryption iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod), and Secret Space Encryptor Android are fully compatible.
  • On the app download page, you can download a free multi-platform desktop version (OS X Windows, Linux, Solaris ...)).
  • You can access an online (web-based version) of the Text Encryptor (AES client-side)

Download Paranoia File & Text Encryption For MAC

Whats New

Version 15.0.3:

  • Added the ability to decrypt texts encrypted by the Paranoia C4 (2048 bit) algorithm which is a cascade of Threefish-Serpent-AES-SHACAL2 (encryption is available in PRO version).