Packet Sender for MAC

v 7.2.4
Category  Internet Utilities

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About Packet Sender For MAC

Packet sender is an open-source utility that allows sending and receiving TCP, UDP and SSL (encrypted TCP packets) packets. Officially, the mainline branch supports Windows, Mac, and Desktop (with Qt). Other places may redistribute and recompile Packet Sender. Packet Sender can be downloaded for free under the GPL v2 and later. It can be used both for personal and commercial purposes.

  • Controlling network-based devices using methods beyond their original apps
  • Automation testing (using its command-line tool and/or hotkeys).
  • Test network APIs using the built-in TCP and UDP clients
  • Malware analysis (using the embedded UDP, TCP and SSL servers)
  • Troubleshooting SSL connections
  • Testing network connectivity/firewalls (by having 2 Packet Senders talk to each other)
  • Stress-testing a device using an intense network generator tool
  • Tech support: Customers will be sent a portable Packet sender with pre-defined settings.
  • Sharing/Saving/Collaboration using the Packet Sender Cloud service.

The software is free but it is donationware. To support development, please consider donating.

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Whats New

Version 7.2.4:

  • There is now a toggle switch for Dark Mode. It seems some of you actually prefer light mode (you monsters). The light mode is actually just dark styling turned off in attempt to better reuse the system OS style
  • Some touch-ups to the Dark Mode (maybe you will turn it back on?)
  • Macros now support re-use during persistent connections
  • The snapcraft snap has finally been fixed and a new build released
  • Complete from-scratch rewrite of the mobile apps, Android and iOS. The mobile apps are now pure native (Kotlin for Android, Swift for iOS)