OpenSSH for MAC

v 8.8
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About OpenSSH For MAC

OpenSSH provides a free version for technical users of the Internet. Although users of telnet and rlogin may not be aware that their passwords are transmitted over the Internet unencrypted they do. OpenSSH encrypts all traffic, including passwords, to prevent eavesdropping, connection hijacking and other attacks. OpenSSH also supports all versions of SSH protocols and offers secure tunneling capabilities.

The software is free but it is donationware. To support development, please consider donating.

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Whats New

Version 8.8:

New features:
  • ssh(1): allow the ssh_config(5) CanonicalizePermittedCNAMEs directive to accept a "none" argument to specify the default behaviour.
  • scp(1): when using the SFTP protocol, continue transferring files after a transfer error occurs, better matching original scp/rcp behaviour.
  • ssh(1): fixed a number of memory leaks in multiplexing,
  • ssh-keygen(1): avoid crash when using the -Y find-principals command.
  • A number of documentation and manual improvements, including bz#3340, PR#139, PR#215, PR#241, PR#257
  • ssh-agent(1): on FreeBSD, use procctl to disable ptrace(2)
  • ssh(1)/sshd(8): some fixes to the pselect(2) replacement compatibility code. bz#3345