OnePile for MAC

v 2.3
Category  Productivity

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About OnePile For MAC

Your files and notes can be saved to OnePile spaces. Your safe place to store your ideas and documents.

  • Securely sync data across devices without the use of a central server.
  • Encrypting data before it leaves your device can provide privacy protection and end-to-end encryption.
  • You can easily create new content with the built-in support for scanners, including text recognition (OCR).
  • Everything can be made into a document, including images, audio, video and web pages.
  • It is simple to write notes.
  • Collect information, links, and to-dos.
  • Any other document can be embedded.
  • Export and import to many formats, such as Markdown or HTML.
  • You can organize and find information easily.
  • Every document is indexed, and the relationships between them are resolved to reveal connections you may not have seen before.

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Whats New

Version 2.3:

  • Colored tags
  • Better editing experience
    • New formatting menus
    • More nature list behavior
    • Better link support
  • Duplicate links to sync locations are avoided now; double click on .onepile file to simply open related workspace
  • Help development by subscribing to beta releases
  • Uses Apple's SF Symbols for icons
  • Demo content for first time users; also available via Help menu
  • Drag handle to rearrange blocks
  • Option to use light background for notes in Dark Mode
  • Stability improvements