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About OMA For MAC

OMA is an acronym for Optical Multichannel Analyzer. It was Princeton Applied Research's early SIT vidicon camera.

Researchers created the OMA program to examine and post-process photometric images taken by CCD detectors. It was used for laser-based imaging of reacting or non-reacting flows, as well as other spectroscopic applications. The original software was written in assembly language on a PDP11 PC. It has been around since the late 70s. It has evolved to be a powerful image processing platform on Classic Mac OS. OMA is also used in many labs to control I/O devices like cameras, digital I/O cards, and stepper motors. OMA is a powerful control and acquisition system for photometric images. This version is now compatible with Mac OS X (v10.3.x).

OMA was previously sold commercially at US $1000 per copy. However, the Application and Source Code of OMA are now being released to researchers under the GNU Public License. This move is expected to foster and create a community of OMA users, who can contribute to the development and enhancement of OMA functionality. We encourage programmers interested in helping to implement future development directions and making suggestions.

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Version 3.0:

Note: This product is not compatible with macOS Catalina and later.

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