Octoparse for MAC

v 8.1.14
Category  System Utilities

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About Octoparse For MAC

Octoparse a modern visual web data extractor software. It is easy for both experienced and inexperienced users to extract large amounts of information from websites using it. No coding is required for most scraping tasks.

Octoparse is compatible with both static and dynamic websites. This includes web pages that use Ajax. There are many data formats available to export data such as CSV, EXCEL HTML, TXT and databases (MySQL and SQL Server, or Oracle via API). Octoparse simulates human interaction with web pages.

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Whats New

Version 8.1.14:

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

  • Improved "Advanced Mode" settings
  • Add list data related settings guide
  • Add "Not the right webpage?" settings (login, close a pop-up, search with keywords, switch tab) guide
  • Optimize the detected AJAX settings guide
  • Optimize the auto-detect results settings guide
  • Include auto-detecting websites in form style (detect rate ≈ 80%)
Bug Fixes
  • Fix the white screen issues when turning on the app again after your PC has been inactive for a while