v 2017.3.23
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NTFS-3G mac screenshot NaNNTFS-3G mac screenshot NaN

About NTFS-3G For MAC

NTFS-3G is a software project that brings NTFS read/write support for the Mac platform. It is based upon NTFS-3G, an open-source NTFS driver. It has been ported to many platforms and includes other software projects to create a complete toolkit for managing NTFS volumes.

NTFS-3G is part of hundreds of Linux distributions. Fedora and Mandriva use NTFS-3G to be the default NTFS driver. Since 2006, development has been ongoing.

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Whats New

Version 2017.3.23:

  • Delegated processing of special reparse points to external plugins
  • Allowed kernel cacheing by lowntfs-3g when not using Posix ACLs
  • Enabled fallback to read-only mount when the volume is hibernated
  • Made a full check for whether an extended attribute is allowed
  • Moved secaudit and usermap to ntfsprogs (now ntfssecaudit and ntfsusermap)
  • Enabled encoding broken UTF-16 into broken UTF-8
  • Autoconfigured selecting vs
  • Allowed using the full library API on systems without extended attributes support
  • Fixed DISABLE_PLUGINS as the condition for not using plugins
  • Corrected validation of multi sector transfer protected records
  • Denied creating/removing files from $Extend
  • Returned the size of locale encoded target as the size of symlinks