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v 2.657
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About NoteAbilityPro For MAC

NoteAbilityPro provides professional music notation software for the OS X operating systems. It was developed by Dr. Keith Hamel from the University of British Columbia and is the most advanced music notation software on any platform. NoteAbility combines musical intelligence with graphical flexibility through a simple and intuitive graphical user interface. You can create anything you like, from simple melodies to avant-garde orchestral music.

NoteAbilityPro is a great option if you are frustrated by the inflexibility and awkwardness of other notation programs or the time it takes to learn them.

NoteAbilityPro's demo version is a working copy of the program, with some functions disabled. You cannot save, copy, or export files in certain formats. Also, printing is limited to the first page. Follow the simple instructions to ensure that all files are correctly installed by the OS X Installer.

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Whats New

Version 2.657:

  • Distributed as a free application. Customers who previously purchased NAPro will still be given technical support on an on-going basis.
  • Expanded to support up to 80 staves per system.
  • Supports custom noteheads. Up to 48 graphic images can be added to the score and used as custom noteheads.
  • Can now support up to 6 Audio Unit players such as software samplers or synthesizers modules.
  • Scores can now be saved directly as audio files.
  • Can now import NoteWriter and MusicXML files.
  • An auto-save feature has been added to NoteAbilityPro-2 so that your scores are saved periodically while you are working.
  • Supports 6 DLS (Downloadable Sounds) Players and Audio Units so that you can get more realistic performances of your scores and have access to audio effects (such as reverberation and digital delay). As well, you can now drag-and-drop audio files or samples directly into the score.