NoMachine for MAC

v 7.6.2
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About NoMachine For MAC

NoMachine allows remote desktop access to all your devices via networks. It works just like your old remote desktop client, but better.

Travel to any desktop

You can travel at the speed of light from your desktop to any NoMachine enabled computer. NoMachine is the fastest remote desktop that you have ever used. You can access any computer anywhere in the world in just a few clicks and get started on it as if you were there.

Any content can be used

Don't feel restricted. You can enjoy live audio and video via remote PC. You can watch DVDs, Hulu, YouTube, and TV from anywhere you are. You can also create animated models. Your favorite software, no matter if you're an engineer or an artist, is always there for you.

Meet others at work

Your desktop is where your work is done. You can share your desktop with others. Your friends can collaborate on the documents that you are working on, share files, and help you troubleshoot the problems. All securely and under your direct control.

Any device can be used

Your folders, drives, and devices can be moved quickly between machines. Print a file from a remote computer to a local print. Or, do the opposite. Plug any device into the other computer. All your disks, including pendrives, scanners, are available as if they were actually there.

Keep track of what you do

Take a video of your work on-the-fly. Record your workflow and capture that annoying bug. Demonstrate your software and make suggestions to others. You can also record your favorite TV episode with a single click.

NoMachine can be used for non-commercial purposes. NoMachine's Enterprise Store provides information about pricing and availability for enterprises.

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Whats New

Version 7.6.2:

  • FR05S04179 - Making number of connections and virtual desktops unlimited by default
  • FR05S04180 - Changing default for the DisplayLimit key to unlimited
  • TR05S10250 - Possible local privileges escalation in connections by SSH protocol
  • TR04S10222 - It is not possible to keep aspect ratio when resizing the client on Windows