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v 3.1.1
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About nimblenote For MAC

nimblenote supports Markdown and features Markdown actions. You can toggle checkboxes, visit links, or navigate between your notes. This gives you the opportunity to create your own personal wiki of your notes!

When you launch nimblenote for the first time, the search input will be the main focus of the keyboard. Start typing the name for a new note. Hit enter to create your note with the name that you have chosen. The note editor will automatically become the focus of your keyboard. Every time you make a change to your note, it will be saved automatically. When you are done editing, hit ESC. The search input will be switched back to your keyboard focus. Now you can create or search again!

nimblenote uses fuzzy search. To match notes, you just need to start typing the name of a note. To display matching results, the file list is used. To move between files, you can use the up and down arrow keys. If you get lost, type in ? To display help information, type in? nimblenote was inspired in part by Notational Velocity, which unfortunately hasn’t seen a release ever since 2011.

  • Highlighting Markdown syntax
  • Markdown actions: toggle checkboxes; visit URLs; navigate between notes
  • Keyboard-driven interface; mouseless interaction
  • Automatically save notes as you type
  • Fuzzy searching based upon note names
  • You can quickly create, edit, and delete notes using nimblenote's keyboard-driven interface.

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Whats New

Version 3.1.1:

  • Markdown highlighting
  • Markdown actions; toggle checkboxes, visit links, navigate between notes