MySQL Workbench for MAC

v 8.0.26.CE
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About MySQL Workbench For MAC

MySQL Workbench can be used to design, manage, and document database schemata.


MySQL Workbench allows a DBA, data architect, or developer to visually design, create, manage, and model databases. It provides everything a data modeler requires to create complex ER models, forward or reverse engineering, and key features for difficult change management and documentation tasks that usually require a lot of time and effort.


MySQL Workbench provides visual tools to create, execute, and optimize SQL queries. The SQL Editor offers color syntax highlighting, autocomplete, reuse of SQL code snippets and execution history. Developers can manage standard database connections including MySQL Fabric with ease using the Database Connections Panel. The Object Browser gives instant access to both database schemas and objects.


MySQL Workbench is a visual console that allows you to manage MySQL environments and provides better insight into databases. The visual tools are available to DBAs and developers for configuring servers, administering users and performing backup and recovery. They can also inspect audit data and view database health.

Visual Performance Dashboard

MySQL Workbench offers a range of tools that can be used to improve the performance and efficiency of MySQL applications. The Performance Dashboard allows DBAs to quickly view key performance indicators. Performance Reports make it easy to identify and access IO hotspots and high-cost SQL statements. Developers can optimize their query with the new Visual Explain Plan, which is easy to use and a single click.

Database Migration

MySQL Workbench is now a complete and easy-to-use solution for migrating Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access, Sybase ASE and PostreSQL tables, objects, and data to MySQL. DBAs and developers can quickly convert existing applications to run on MySQL on Windows and other platforms. Migration supports migration from older versions of MySQL to the most recent releases.

It is available in both open-source and commercial editions. The Community (OSS Edition) Edition can be downloaded from this page under GNU General Public License (commonly referred to as the "GPL"), which is free software/open-source.

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Whats New

Version 8.0.26.CE:

  • This release contains no functional changes and is published to align the version number with the MySQL Server 8.0.26 release.