Mylio for MAC

v 3.17.7370
Category  Photography

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About Mylio For MAC

Mylio organizes all your photos and makes it easy to find them.

  • Find Any photo, Fast Photos can look like pieces of a puzzle that are scattered across various devices and places, such as Facebook. Mylio is a photo organizer that puts the pieces back together to create a complete picture. The picture then becomes available on all your devices. You can now find the one that you are looking for in seconds.
  • Discover Your Life Schedule - Reorganize your life and organize them into a calendar that makes sense. You can find things you have lost, tag people and chapters in your life, rate your favorites, and get rid of what you don’t want. All your data will sync across all devices.
  • Make Your Pictures Perfect. Watch your photos pop with easy-to use editing tools and filters. You can quickly tweak photos with just a few clicks or fine tune them until they are perfect pixels. Edit from any device, anywhere, even offline. The best part? Mylio edits don't cause any damage, so original images remain safe.
  • Spread the love - Mylio is a great way to get connected with others. You can quickly post to social media, tell stories with video and slideshows, show your work in a portfolio, use it to organize your photos and display your products in a catalog. You can also create a collage and have it printed -- really big. You can also send Mom an email.
  • Get Photo Peace of Mind. Find out how many copies of your original photos you have, where they are and whether you should make more. Mylio's unique protection system works privately and off the internet using device-to–device syncing. Your stuff stays right where it should be, with you and under your control.

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Whats New

Version 3.17.7370:

  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect aspect ratio or position of images is incorrect during animations.
  • Fixed an issue where images don’t load correctly sometimes after zooming to 100%.
  • Fixed an issue where proposed face tags with Zoom to Face on would display Thumbnail quality images instead of the Previews.
  • Fixed some issues in Calendar view where selecting a date would open the incorrect one or display incorrect information.
  • Fixed an issue that caused keyboard entries in iOS/iPadOS to not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue in iOS where sharing a document uses a hashed name instead of the actual filename.
  • Fixed preview generation for RAW files shot with some Nikon Z7 lenses.
  • Fixed an issue where Map view does not remember where it was zoomed in to when viewing photos.
  • Fixed an issue where video playback wouldn’t ignore auto-lock setting on iOS/iPadOS.
  • Fixed an issue on tablets that would prevent scrolling the list of names while in batch tagging view.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while trying to a view media on one device that was deleted on another.
  • Improved syncing Live Photos of from one computer to a second where only .myb files would download to the second and the Original photo would not sync.
  • Fixed an auto-advance issue when face tagging would get stuck in weird transitional view.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling in All Photos view could sometimes be stuck at top or bottom of the grid.
  • Fixed other various crashes.
  • Corrected text and localizations in various menu items.
  • SD/Camera import popup no longer automatically appears if one is connected at the time Mylio is opened but will automatically appear if one is connected after the app is already running.
  • Added more actions into right-click menu when in Album view.
  • Replaced “prevent sleep when active” setting with a custom slider to respect battery life on mobile devices.
  • Removed the ability to rate or tag containers (Folders or Albums) of images to prevent unwanted metadata changes to large amounts of files.
  • Show in Finder/Explorer will default to showing the file in the local filesystem if the Original is synced locally instead of showing a picker for the file path on connected USB/NAS devices and the computer.
  • Better, more clear, prompts and buttons from errors and notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where multi-select and Filter UI on mobile caused the flag option to be hidden.
  • Pressing the Crop button should correct zoom out to view the whole image now.
  • Editing videos poster frames in Apple Photos should update previews correctly in Mylio.
  • Fixed an issue with the Edit->Find command (Cmd+F on macOS and Ctr+F on WindowS) to where search correctly appears now.
  • Fixed an issue when unsupported videos appear to try and play instead of notifying the user that the video can’t be played.
  • Improved logic in the Info tab to show more relevant and correct statistics at the top.
  • Previews can be created on Auto optimized computers and on USB/NAS devices more consistently now.
  • New installations of the Mylio app, or resetting it will result in the catalog data being placed in the Mylio library folder.
  • Improved clipboard and filmstrip performance for displaying the correct information.
  • Improved preview generation speed.
  • Improved storage support for Android to meet Play store requirements for scoped storage.