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v 1.1.1
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About MultiBrowser For MAC

MultiBrowser lets you take control of all browsers you have installed on your Mac. You can click on any link in any application (e.g. MultiBrowser will open any link in an application (e.g. Mail, Preview, etc.) and let you choose the browser to open it. MultiBrowser's browser selection windows are highly configurable. You can change the size, colors, and other settings to make it look exactly how you want. MultiBrowser is built-in to Mac OS X so it doesn't even need to be running until it clicks a link. This means it won't waste any of your Macs resources. MultiBrowser offers additional options such as changing the way browsers launch, managing multiple monitors, etc. It also has an optional usage tracking feature (which will not allow anyone to see except you) that allows you to track how often each browser is used.

  • Take control over the browsers you have installed on your Mac
  • You can launch links from almost any application
  • Does not use resources when is idle
  • Works with almost any browser
  • You can choose colors, sizes, and more
  • Options to change how browsers launch
  • Multi-Monitor support
  • Optional usage tracking
  • Checks for the latest version automatically
  • It's free!

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Whats New

Version 1.1.1:

  • Renamed all references of (the incorrectly named) "combo-box" to (the now correctly named) "popup menu"
  • Simplified and improved "Preview Appearance" code
  • When the browser selection window appears, it will be positioned so that the mouse will now be over the initially selected browser (unless you have the location always set to centered)
  • Updated pie chart code to work properly with updated Google Chart API
  • Fixed a rare problem that could cause the MultiBrowser app to fail to launch on some 10.5 systems
  • Updated Help Book