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About MTP For MAC

MTP For Macis a driver for the kernel filesystem that allows you to access files on Android devices via USB. Connect Android to macOS and it will appear as a filesystem

It allows you to access your Android (or other MTP compatible devices) natively on macOS. Simply connect your Android tablet or phone via USB cable to your Mac. Once you have enabled "File Transfer", you can access your photos, mp3, and other files. They will be available in the same way you would insert a USB stick, or any other external drive.

Your gadget will be listed in the system as a separate drive. It's not necessary to copy these files using Android File Transfer to your local drive in order to use them. You can even edit them directly from macOS. It creates a seamless user experience for your device.

Note: The product is currently in Beta and is free to use!

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Whats New

Verison 1.3

  • Significant rework of the driver. It was updated to new system frameworks, that provide better stability and performance. Many fixes were made during this rework.
  • Fixed bug with reporting of wrong storage size to macOS.
  • Fixed "date in a future" report for files and directories for Samsung devices.
  • Improved stability of work with Samsung devices.