MT-NewsWatcher X for MAC

v 3.5.3b2
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About MT-NewsWatcher X For MAC

MT-NewsWatcher It is a Usenet client that runs on the Mac. It is based on John Norstad’s NewsWatcher app and adds some enhancements to make newsreading more enjoyable. These features include message filtering and spellchecking, speech recognition, multithreading, and multithreading which allows you to execute multiple commands simultaneously.

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Whats New

Version 3.5.3b2 (3.5.3b3):

Note: Although Finder indicates that this is version 3.5.3b2, the developer states that this is version 3.5.3b3.

  • Clear the news server authentication password field when switching between news servers
  • No longer show error message when dragging and dropping in subject windows
  • Made uudecoding more robust to crud inserted into articles by news feed providers
  • Moved the MT-NewsWatcher.rsrc file to the English.lproj directory in the package to make localization easier
  • Improved typing performance by not flushing the graphics port on every caret blink
  • Greyscale images now display correctly
Fixed issues:
  • A crash closing subject windows after rebuilding the full groups list
  • A bug that could cause security failure dialogs to not be displayed on connection
  • A bug introduced in 3.5.3b1 that caused sending mail to never complete
  • The ability to drag an inline image to the Finder without selecting it (option key saves a file, rather than a clipping)
  • Authentication issues when not saving the password in Keychain
  • The display of the help images on Intel machines
  • A hang on 10.5 when extracting binaries on showing a "Choose folder" dialog (and some other related hangs)
  • A hang on 10.5 after posting a message (deadlock when destroying the spell checker object)
  • Extract Binaries would sometimes stall after choosing a destination folder