MPlay for MAC

v 1.9
Category  Music Audio

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About MPlay For MAC

MPlay was initially designed to play MP3 audio, but it can now play many audio formats. It offers many of the same features as MP3 players: playlists, skins and easy operation. The Audio Track Mixer is one of the most unique features. This function allows you to mix two tracks (enabling DJ-like mixing). It is possible because MPLAY has two separate playback engines.

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Whats New

Version 1.9:

  • MPLAY is now freeware!
  • MPLAY has been distributed as shareware with an optional registration fee to unlock additional features.
  • In order to celebrate the long life of MPLAY (more than 12 years!) the application now becomes freeware again, as in the early beginning a long, long time ago. This means all features are unlocked from start. Just download and play!