MP3-Info CMM for MAC

v 2.0
Category  System Utilities

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About MP3-Info CMM For MAC

MP3-Info is a smart companion that helps you organize and manage your music collection. It acts as a plug-in for iTunes and the Finder. This will make it easy to manage your song collection. This also displays information for AAC files created from iTunes, WAV and AIFF files. And that's just the beginning! MP3-Info allows you to rename song files based upon their tags or find similar songs within your CDFinder collection.

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Whats New

Version 2.0:

  • MP3-Info is now an application, because Apple has killed the Context Menu Modules in Snow Leopard, most unfortunately!
  • MP3-Info now follows either your Finder selection, or the current iTunes song, or the iTunes selection. This makes MP3-Info an amazing iTunes companion!
  • Lyrics are being displayed in a separate window. That way you can finally see the lyrics of the current song in iTunes while it is playing, without messing with the iTunes controls!
  • Cover Art is being displayed, if it is enclosed in the actual song file
  • Integration into allows you to tell the world what song you are currently listening to (uses a Web browser)
  • Three different tag editing apps can be connected: ID3X, The Tagger, and Media Rage
  • Find similar songs in your CDFinder library with one easy click