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v 1.0
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About MovingImages For MAC

MovingImages, a powerful Ruby scripting tool that allows for post-production video editing, is available. It integrates three Apple graphics technologies: CoreGraphics, the drawing engine; CoreImage, the image-filter processing engine; and AVFoundation, the video-editing platform.

MovingImages' goal is to provide a data format that can be used to describe non-linear editing of video using the three technologies mentioned above. This is done using JSON command objects as well as JSON drawing-instruction object. Any scripting language capable of creating JSON data can be used with MovingImages. Zukini made it simple by creating the moving_images ruby gem that allows you to write scripts using the scripting language ruby.

MovingImages is very fast. MovingImages is fast for processing less than 100 images. However, when processing more than 100 images MovingImages can perform similar tasks up to three times faster. MovingImages scripts offer both scaling and export quality options, where appropriate.

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Whats New

Version 1.0:

  • Fix to the installer when the user wasn’t using OS X's default ruby installation.
  • Added capability to add audio tracks to the movie editor.
  • Added capability to mix audio tracks using the movie editor.