Motrix for MAC

v 1.6.11
Category  Internet Utilities

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About Motrix For MAC

Motrix supports downloading HTTP, FTP and Magnet.

Motrix's interface is clean and simple to use. I hope you like it

  • User interface is simple and easy
  • Support BitTorrent & Magnet
  • Every day, the tracker list is automatically updated
  • Download up to 10 tasks simultaneously
  • Support for 64 threads is maximum for a single task
  • Mock User Agent
  • Complete Notification Download
  • Ready for Touch Bar (Mac only).
  • Quick operation of the Resident System Tray
  • Dark mode
  • Optional: Delete any files that are related to the task.

Download Motrix For MAC

Whats New

Version 1.6.11:

  • New app icon
  • New task detail panel
  • Menu bar tray speedometer (macOS only)
  • Support Apple Silicon M1
  • Redesign Motrix scheme
  • Preference add tracker cdn source
  • Preference add more speed options
  • Preference totally reset session
  • Preference BitTorrent keep seeding
  • Preference BitTorrent save magnet link as torrent file
  • Task progress info show seeder number
  • Mock UA add a option (aria2/1.35.0)
  • Added Polish translation
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Added Greek translation
  • Added Italian translation
  • Added Romanian translation
  • Added Arabic translation
  • lab page dark theme
  • task detail support save task file selection
  • Drawer header close icon could not click
  • Auto update exception
  • Auto theme
  • Add one task triggered rename rule
  • Task detail not auto hide when remove task
  • Element ui message z-index
  • Task detail activity graphic align center
  • New task uri params error
  • Preference Basic panel show run mode only in macOS
  • Stop bt task seeding notification
  • Replace TrackersListCollection other.txt with http.txt
  • Tray menu crash issue
  • Engine failed to quit issue
  • Preference Lab panel use iframe instead of webview
  • Shadow not complete issue
  • MacOS Big Sur tray color
  • Task progress info text font style normal
  • Function overload error, unable to trigger events bound in EngineClient.vue
  • Stop seeding params gid error
  • Update app info icon
  • Form actions position sticky
  • Replace forever with child process
  • Replace Electron remote use @electron/remote
  • Pause task use force pause
  • Main menu quit
  • Adjusted task item min-height