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About MinimServer For MAC

MinimServer a UPnP music server that offers a variety of innovative features to help you organize and discover your music collection. MinimServer is a music server software that works with any network music player that supports UPnP AV standards.

Get more out of your music

It's not about having great sound quality. It's important that you have an easy way to locate the music you want, even as your collection grows. It's very different to browse your digital music collection by placing them on a shelf or on a rack, and then remembering where they are. Instead, you will be able to view your collection on a computer, an iPad or other hand-held device like an iPod or iPad (or Android equivalent). The right music software can make all the difference in how easy it is for you to find and select music. This is especially true if you have a large music collection or include classical music.

Intelligent Browsing

You narrow down your selection of music by browsing your music collection, until you find the right piece. Most music servers limit you to a limited number of options, such as Album/Track or Artist/Album/Track. This approach is not ideal for songs that include multiple artists or albums that contain a mix of tracks by different artists.

Intelligent Browsing in MinimServer lets you make any combination of selections, in any order. You could search for a violin solo by artist, composer, conductor, orchestra, and album. You could also search by composer first, then select violin concertsos, then artist, orchestra, conductor, or any other order. You will see music that matches your selections at each step.

Intelligent Browsing will only present you with the most relevant options as you narrow down your music selections. If you choose a concerto for violin by Rachel Podger and then select recordings by Bach composers, your next selection menu will not include a option to select by composer. This is redundant since Bach is the only composer that is available. You might later add a Rachel Podger recording with Vivaldi concertos to your collection. You'll get a next selection menu if you select all of Rachel’s recordings the same way you did before.

Take control of your tagging

The music server uses information from your digital audio files. These tagging information can be used to download files or to rip them from CDs. However, it is often very basic and contains errors or inconsistencies. You will need to modify some tags in your files, or add additional tags, to get the most out of your music collection.

MinimServer provides a detailed log that shows you the tagging issues it finds in your files. This log can be used in conjunction with a separate tag program such as Metadatics, Mp3tag or puddletag to correct incorrect or inconsistent tags. MinimServer also contains entries for files without tags or files missing a specific tag (such Genre, Date, Composer). This makes it easy to find and fix missing tag values.

MinimServer does not attempt to correct tagging inconsistencies. MinimServer will display the tracks as distinct artists, instead of trying to guess which one is correct. MinimServer allows you to control your tagging and not let MinimServer apply its rules that might not work for you.

Everything you need to enjoy classical music

Classical music is not compatible with the Artist/Album/Track hierarchy. The music server must manage full composer indexing for individual tracks and albums, as well as musical works with multiple movements. It can also handle information about artist information, such as conductors, orchestras, and soloists. MinimServer is a classical music-focused software. You can index your music using a simple, powerful browser interface. You can search for music by composer, work or conductor. Soloists and orchestras can also be indexed. This allows you to quickly and easily find what you are looking for.

A silent, low-power music server

Although you can run your music server from a desktop or laptop computer, you must have it running when you listen to music. You will also want your music server to be completely silent if it is located in your listening area.

One popular option is to host your music server on a NAS device (Network Attached storage). You should be able find a suitable model depending on your storage requirements, processing power, and noise level. MinimServer is currently available as an installable third-party package that supports all current Synology and QNAP models. MinimServer can also be run on a Raspberry Pi or other small Linux computers.

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Whats New

Version 2:

Bug fixes and other changes
  • Fix blurred fonts on Mac
  • Fix startup problem when migrating from very old version of MinimServer
  • All changes in MinimServer 2 update 178