MicMüter for MAC

v 1.08
Category  Music Audio

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About MicMüter For MAC

MicMuter a simple app that runs in your menu bar allows you to toggle your Mac's microphone on and off. It effectively makes it a microphone kill switch. This can be very useful in a world where most people spend a lot of time video conferencing.

  • To quickly toggle the microphone on or off on your Mac, use a global hotkey (accessible from any application).
  • You can choose from a variety of hotkey combinations
  • You can also display the status of your microphone in a floating, clickable window
  • You can choose whether to play an audible confirmation
  • MicMuter can be run each time your Mac starts up.
  • Native application signed and notarized
  • Very lightweight and requires minimal system resources
  • It's completely free. Similar tools can cost money!

Download MicMüter For MAC

Whats New

Version 1.08:

  • Fixed or largely fixed the jumping around of the On-Air indicator on the main screen when toggling it on and off
  • Replaced the About box
  • Enabled full options from the About box and the Preferences window