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About Metadata Hootenanny For MAC

Metadata Hootenanny This is a view/editor that allows you to see all the awesome metadata you can add to Quicktime movies. You are familiar with how iTunes allows you to view, edit, and sort your mp3s' ID3 metadata. The same metadata system exists for your Quicktime movies too. However, until now, you could only access it through the horrible interface of Quicktime Pro Player. Metadata Hootenanny makes it easier to access this information. You can create a list of all your videos with a particular director or writer. You can search for a specific performer or keyword in the description. Metadata Hootenanny makes it easy to add all of this information to your videos.

Why would I ever want to have metadata in my movies? Okay. Most people don't care much about movie metadata. This program has the best use for me. I have a large collection of TV shows and music videos. These movies can be played back-toback or collected into playlists based upon subordinate criteria. Quicktime movies' metadata tags might be useful for that (writer, director, author etc).

What kind of metadata are we talking about here? Quicktime supports all Annotations (Album, Artist Author, Comment, Comment, etc. There are also read-only properties that can be accessed about movies such as file size, video/audio formats, and movie length. It also allows you to add or modify Chapter Tracks. This is a neat feature of Quicktime container format and is rarely used. These are like bookmarks that you can use to jump between chapters in the movie. Quicktime Pro requires you to create a text file with timepoints and formatted in a specific way. Once you have it imported to Quicktime, you can add it to your movie, disable it, and then set it as a Chapter Track. Trust me, my way is easier. Plus, if you have any questions or suggestions, I will gladly fix them for you. This app can export chapter lists to QTPlayer format so you can import them.

That's fine, but what else does it do? Thank you for asking. It can also play movies. You can resize your movies without being constrained by the original aspect ratio. It has many small playback features that I love. There are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to resize, skip forward and back through the playlist, fast-forward, rewind, and any other actions you wish. The program also remembers your location when you return to a movie so you don’t have to search for it again. You can also click a button to send the current time to the editor while you are watching the movie. Did I mention how difficult it was to create a Quicktime Player chapter list?

Movie editing is currently in progress. You can adjust the sound quality of non-mpeg movies at the moment by changing the offset (delay), and the duration (speed). You will eventually be able to cut, join, or split movies.

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Whats New

Version 2.1:

  • Subtitle improvements: uses native movie resolution, auto-updates as sub files get edited.
  • Added shortcut to copy current playhead time to text.
  • Added keyframe jump shortcuts (k and K forward and back respectively).
  • App now remembers tracks view alterations across restarts.
  • Fixed unresponsiveness when opening a large number of files.
  • Fixed lock-up when deleting sprites in sprite editor. compatiblity updated.