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v 1.19
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About Menu Spot II For MAC

Menu spot II is a simple, but powerful player for Spotify(r). It runs in your Mac's menu and has the following features.

  • You can see the title and artist of any song or podcast currently playing at any time (updates in background).
  • Removes extraneous title details - e.g., remaster, year, etc. To free up as much valuable menu bar space as possible
  • You can view the album and podcast artwork from the menu bar
  • You can access all details about the current song or podcast right from your keyboard, including its duration and popularity among Spotify users.
  • Playback is paused by the keyboard
  • Playback of the last song/podcast from the keyboard can be restarted
  • You can fast forward or rewind the song or podcast you are listening to from the keyboard.
  • Play your music on the keyboard
  • Mute and unmute Spotify using the keyboard
  • To "groove" to a song, use keyboard hot keys to increase or decrease the system volume
  • To share with others, copy the URL of the current song or podcast to the clipboard
  • As your Mac's background, set the artwork for the current song or podcast.
  • Works in Dark mode
  • Catalina and Big Sur are both eco-friendly
  • Compact and fast, no more than 30+ MB
  • As in no air pollution

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Whats New

Version 1.19:

  • Permanently fixed the issues of Album artwork saved as desktop backgrounds not persisting
  • Did more metadata parsing to possibly fit more song titles in the menu bar
  • Allowed access to more options like changing tracks from both the About box and Preferences window