Mattermost for MAC

v 4.7.2
Category  Internet Utilities

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About Mattermost For MAC

Mattermost enables secure team collaboration through a flexible and open-source messaging platform.

  • Get peak productivity by empowering DevOps to create the best workflows for you company, ship software faster, collaborate confidently, and achieve peak productivity
  • Protect your data - keep your company's IP and customer data secure behind your firewall or VPN
  • Avoid costly disasters - protect yourself against vendor lock-in, major security incidents, and resource-draining technical debt
  • Communicate seamlessly
    • Organized conversations in teams or channels
    • Searchable message history
    • 1-on-1 and group messaging
    • Voice, video and screen sharing
    • File, image and link sharing
    • Emoji and rich Markdown formatting
    • Multi-language support
  • Concentrate on the most important things
    • Email, desktop, and mobile notifications customized
    • Mode should not be disturbed
    • Favorite channels
    • Keyword mention alerts
  • Integrated tools allow you to accelerate workflows
    • Incoming and outgoing webhooks
    • Custom slash commands
    • Extensions and plugins
    • Bots and developer toolkit
    • Robust API library
    • Applications OAuth 2.0
    • Zapier app has more than 700 integrations
  • You have full control of your data
    • Compliance reporting and eDiscovery
    • Data retention policies
    • Service terms and conditions to be customized
    • AD/LDAP authentication and sync
    • Multi-factor authentication enforced
    • Single sign-on to SAML 2.0
    • Command line and database management tools
    • Monitoring system and performance

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Whats New

Version 4.7.2:

  • Upgraded to Electron v12.0.16.
  • Fixed an issue where the Add Server screen appeared on each startup on servers with GPO.
  • Fixed an issue where the window would flash on Windows and Linux when a new mention arrived regardless of the setting to turn it on/off.
  • Added desktop notifications for followed threads.