mas for MAC

v 1.8.3
Category  System Utilities

About mas For MAC

mas provides a simple command-line interface for the Mac App Store. This interface is for automation and scripting.

This app works with the same system services that the Mac App Store. These two processes communicate through XPC as distinct processes. This causes mas to experience similar problems to the pasteboard when it runs inside tmux. To fix the pasteboard behavior, a wrapper tool is available that also works for mas.

More information about the installation process.

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Whats New

Version 1.8.3:

Bug Fixes:
  • Ignore applications moved outside the system Applications folder
  • Display decimal progress percentage
  • Prepare for Xcode 13
  • Enable linting with Xcode 13 beta 3
  • Periphery (2.7.1), Ruby (3.0.2), SwiftFormat (0.48.9)
  • Danger (8.3.1)
  • Restore shellcheck (0.7.2)
  • Periphery (2.5.2), SwiftFormat (0.48.4), Version (2.0.1)
  • Remove unused code
  • PromiseKit (6.15.0)
  • PromiseKit (6.14.0)
  • Lint in GitHub Actions
  • Fail CI task if tests fail
  • Nimble (9.2.0)
  • Rephrase async code as PromiseKit Promises
  • Lint with periphery
  • Publish bottles for custom tap to GitHub Releases
  • Update references to main branch
  • Quick (4.0.0), Nimble (9.1.0)