Marta for MAC

v 0.8.1
Category  System Utilities

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About Marta For MAC

Marta supports plugins and themes very quickly, and is dual-pane file manager.

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Whats New

Version 0.8.1:

New features:
  • "Open As…" action came back with the better implementation #727
  • Save active pane and name under cursor on restart #710 #743
  • Open a new tab on middle click #735
  • Allow specifying default pane parameters #739
  • Recognize .sublime-package extension as a ZIP file #714
  • "Navigate to Original File": allow opening in the inactive tab #717
  • Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab registered as hotkeys for switching tabs
New Look Up implementation:
  • Complex queries #163
  • Wildcard search #119
  • Multiple substring search #349
New preferences editor implementation:
  • Incomplete colorisation of color codes in Preferences editor #586
  • Quick Select: Marta crashes when filtering in "/" #745
  • "Show directories on top" is always enabled on relaunch, regardless of saved state #734
  • Right click should activate a context menu even if the pane is not focused #732
  • CLI requires new macOS even though Marta itself works on 10.12 #729
  • Quick look does not update on switching panes #721
  • Key overlay has sharp corners #712
  • Corners of the action bar don’t match new window corners on Big Sur #701
  • "Duplicate" on files with complex extensions (such as tar.gz) works incorrectly #687
  • "Get package contents" don’t work on a symlinked file #633
  • Path completion isn’t shown for paths starting with ‘../ or ‘./ #390
  • Search ignores content within //Library #318
  • Allow vertical scrolling in breadcrumbs #768
  • Copy/Move: delete existing files on replace instead of overwriting the content
  • Fix Ctrl+Tab hotkey handling #184
  • Fix control sizes in dialogs #783
Analyze disk usage":
  • Consumes a lot of memory when executed on huge folders #747
  • Doesn’t work #709
Command-line helper:
  • Open tabs in the active window (instead of the last opened one)
  • Saved windows aren’t restored when launched using the command-line helper
  • Open panes launched using the command-line helper with default settings
Other changes:
  • New Marta icon #505 #675
  • New Marta domain (