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v 1.9.2
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About Mailspring For MAC

Mailspring a desktop email client that supports Gmail labels and offers modern features such as unified inbox, snoozing reminders, templates, offline searches, offline search and offline search. Mailspring is a great fit for macOS thanks to its clean interface and six pre-installed themes. Mail rules and customizable keyboard shortcuts make it easy to get "inbox zero" back in reach. You can say goodbye to Apple Mail, and discover a better way of managing your email.


Mailspring is completely free and supports all IMAP providers including Gmail, Office 365, and iCloud. Mailspring does not support Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

Mailspring integrates well with macOS. Mailspring is easy to use: swipe to triage mail, view Quicklook thumbnails for attachments and reply to emails from Notification Center. Mailspring's email sync is built to work with macOS features such as App Nap. It keeps your mailbox current without draining your battery.

Pro Pricing:

Mailspring Pro is a powerful app that supercharges email with read receipts and link tracking. It also sends later, reminders, send later, read receipts, email analytics, and reminds you of important contacts. Mailspring Pro costs $8/month and is an affordable option for sales and business email extensions. It's also the first tool to bring all these powerful tools to any IMAP provider. You can now get out of the confines webmail and Chrome extensions. Mailspring Pro is your unstoppable sidekick for sales or business.

  • Multiple accounts (IMAP & Office 365).
  • Support for touch and gesture
  • Advanced shortcuts
  • Lightning-fast search
  • Undo send
  • Unified Inbox
  • You can read receipts and track links.
  • Support for Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Layouts and themes (including dark mode).
  • Translated into 9 languages
Advanced Search

Mailspring indexes all your mail so that you can use advanced Gmail-style search queries to search message contents across all connected accounts. Never lose another email again.


Your signature should make a lasting impression. Mailspring's signature editor makes it easy for you to create custom signatures with images and links.

Unified inbox

You can do more with less time by using a single email address for all your email accounts. Mailspring supports all major mail providers-Gmail, iCloud Office 365, Yahoo! and Office 365-so you can have one central command center for all your messages.


Every language is a business language. Mailspring can translate messages from English into Spanish, Russian simplified Chinese, French and German right inside your draft. You can receive email in other languages Mailspring will translate any incoming email into your system language as soon as possible.

Spell Check

Mailspring automatically detects the language you are using and spell-checks in that language. You don't need to modify your settings!

Extensive Localization

Mailspring has been translated by volunteers into German, French and Spanish as well as into Portuguese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. It can also be machine-translated into 60 other languages to make you feel at home. It blends seamlessly into your desktop with its right-to-left layout in Hebrew and Arabic.

Simple RSVPs

Mailspring displays event information when you receive invitations via email. You can also RSVP to the event without leaving your mailbox

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Whats New

Version 1.9.2:

  • ProtonBridge integration is now possible.
  • You can create mail rules that forward your emails from Preferences > Mail Rules.
  • Snoozing now has a shortcut h in the Gmail keybindings, Ctrl-H and Cmd-H for other configurations.
  • Signature image upload is correctly disabled if you are signed out of Mailspring ID since your assets can't be stored in a GDPR-compliant way without authentication.
  • Mailbox permalinks continue to work outside of the thread-sharing plugin
  • Strange layout bug for trash / spam folders on vertical layout has been fixed
  • The "Mark as spam" keyboard shortcut is now configurable from Preferences > Shortcuts
  • Launching Mailspring in the background on startup now works correctly on macOS.
  • Localization: German and Czech localizations have been improved and the app has been fully localized into Turkish.