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v 4428
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About Mailbutler For MAC

Mailbutler can be your personal assistant to ensure efficient and productive Apple Mail work. It simplifies, optimizes and streamlines your email life with its many functions. Mailbutler can be used for business and private purposes. Once you start using it, it will become a reliable and indispensable servant.

  • Snooze: Your emails will temporarily disappear from your inbox, and then pop up again at the time you choose
  • Tracker: Keep track of information about when, where and how often your email/link has been opened
  • Send Later: Schedule emails to go out at a preferred time and date
  • Unsubscribe: A handy opt-out button is located at the top of every new newsletter
  • Signatures: Professional and beautiful signature templates available in multiple styles
  • Templates: Create faster with stored message templates that are available at any time
  • Undo Send: Made a mistake? After they have been sent, you can recall your outgoing messages
  • Attachment Reminder: This reminds you to attach any attachments that you have forgotten.
  • Tasks and Notes: Include to-do items and notes with your emails
  • Team features: Share custom signatures and message templates with your team members.

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Whats New

Version 4428:

  • One-click login
  • Support for Outlook 2016 on Windows
  • New in-app notification system to also allow you to undo certain actions
  • (Gmail and Apple Mail) Possibility for Right-to-Left signatures
  • (Outlook) Default signature selection from account settings
  • (Gmail and Apple Mail) Improved default signature selection from account settings
  • Date range picker in filters
  • Better indication of selected team in team sharing dropdown menu
  • Better icons to indicate one-way or two-way syncing with external services on the integrations page
  • (Gmail) Disabled state for Mailbutler buttons when logged out
  • General performance improvements
  • Bug with Send Later
  • Bug with notifications
  • Bug with video URL's in Signatures gallery
  • Bug with templates default font selection
  • Bug in updating Message templates statistics
  • After Eight Signature now allows non-square images
  • (Apple Mail) Utility window unintentionally appearing when Mail launches
  • (Gmail) Template preview not working
  • Smaller bugs and fixes
  • No longer able to offer Slack integrations (notifications and reminders) due to Slack no longer supporting our technical implementation