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v 1.5.0
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About Maestral For MAC

Maestral, a lightweight and open-source Dropbox client for macOS or Linux, is available.

Maestral, an open-source Dropbox client written by Python, is called Maestral. The main purpose of the project is to provide a client that can access file systems and platforms that are not supported by Dropbox.

Maestral does not currently support Dropbox Paper, Dropbox Teams Management and shared folder settings management. You can access this functionality via the official Dropbox client or the Dropbox website. Maestral supports syncing multiple Dropbox accounts, and excluding local files by using a ".mignore” file.

The emphasis on file syncing is simple has its advantages. On macOS, the Maestral App bundle uses significantly less memory than the official Dropbox app (20MB vs. 290MB) and 100MB vs 800MB for a medium-sized Dropbox on macOS. The size of your Dropbox folder will determine how much memory you use. This can be further reduced by running Maestral without a GUI.

Maestral uses the Dropbox public API, which, unlike the official client does not allow for the transfer of only the parts of a file that have changed ("binary diff") Maestral may use more bandwidth than the official client. It will not upload or download a file if it already exists locally or in the cloud.

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Whats New

Version 1.5.0:

  • Added support for Dropbox Business accounts with a Team Space. Shared folders in a Team Space will now be synced at the top level, next to the user's personal folder.
  • Reorganised config file sections.
  • Brought back support for macOS High Sierra in the macOS app bundle.
  • Fixed a crash when running the CLI command maestral config-file --clean.