MacPorts for MAC

v 2.7.1
Category  System Utilities

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About MacPorts For MAC

MacPorts makes it easy to install open-source software on macOS. MacPorts manages all dependencies and makes it easy for you to update or uninstall software later. MacPorts offers binary archives of many of the software in its collection, so you can quickly install it without having to compile or modify it.

NOTE: This listing uses a screenshot from Pallet, which is a separate graphical user interface that can be found here.

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Whats New

Version 2.7.1:

  • Fixed SQL error when MacPorts was built against the 10.15 SDK but run on 10.14. (#62929, jmr in 0249b3c)
  • Fixed poor performance when installing ports containing tens of thousands of files. (#56793, jmr in fc212a0)
  • Fixed a stack trace being printed after an error occurred if COLUMNS was not set in the environment. (#62935, jmr in 13eeabd)