MacPAR deLuxe for MAC

v 5.1.1
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About MacPAR deLuxe For MAC

MacPAR deLuxe It is a utility program that runs on Apple Macintosh. It can be used to download (or upload!) binary files from Internet newsgroups (a.k.a. "Usenet".

Binary content is often found in the form of a series of files that make up a "rar" file. After the download is complete, MacPAR deLuxe will assist you in combining the files.

  • It verifies that all files are intact and the file set is complete. MacPAR deLuxe is able to recover missing information by processing "par" or "par2" files.
  • After the verification, MacPAR deLuxe extracts the data. Use the built-in unrar engine if possible, or launch the appropriate program.


  • Full support for both the "par 1", and "par 2” standards.
  • Double-click the ".par" and ".par2" files in the Finder to perform verification, recovery, and automatic unrar (if necessary).
  • Get a clear overview of all files (complete, incomplete, missing)
  • Simply drag files to the window to create a par volume or par2 volume and save the document.
  • Unpack the files in a rar archive.
  • This optimizes the use of multiple processor cores to speed up the par process.
  • Can automatically start an extern program to process files within the par set
  • You can open multiple windows at once and do multiple jobs simultaneously.
  • To save overhead, multiple jobs can be queued up and processed one by one.
  • Many options are possible.
  • Fully compatible with "other", par and rar utilities.
  • You can find extensive documentation via the "Help” menu.
  • Shareware: If you like the program, you can make a donation.

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Whats New

Version 5.1.1:

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