macOS Sierra Security Updates for MAC

v 10.12.6
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About macOS Sierra Security Updates For MAC

With Apple Sierra Siri makes its debut on Mac with new features specifically for the desktop. Your Mac can work with iCloud and all your Apple devices in smart new ways. Intelligent capabilities make it easier to enjoy your photos, music and messaging.

  • Ask Siri, the intelligent assistant on your Mac, to get things done.
    • Enjoy all your favorite features on iOS, as well as the new ones that are optimized for Mac.
    • You can send messages, set reminders, search for the web, and much more while you work.
    • Drag and drop Siri results into your documents or copy and past them.
    • Pin Siri results in Notification Center, and refer to them later.
    • Siri can help you find files, adjust settings, or get system information by simply asking Siri.
  • Universal Clipboard allows you to copy and paste between devices.
    • Copy and paste a quote, image or video from one app to another app.
  • Auto Unlock allows you to log in automatically
    • Wear your Apple Watch to automatically log in to your Mac - no need for you to type your password.
  • Shop online with Apple Pay and enjoy the convenience and security that Apple Pay offers.
    • Apple Pay allows you to make secure, easy payments while shopping in Safari on your Mac.
    • Touch ID on your iPhone, or your Apple Watch will complete your purchase.
  • Access files on your Mac desktop using your iPhone with iCloud Desktop or Documents.
    • All files automatically stored on your desktop and in the Documents folder in iCloud. You can access them from any device.
    • You can keep the same desktop and documents folder on each Mac. Optimized Storage makes it easy to free up space on your Mac.
    • Easily store rarely used files in iCloud and they'll always be available when you need them.
    • Additional tools allow you to delete files that you do not need in order to free up space.
  • Tabs in apps give you control over your desktop.
    • Tabs can be used to manage multiple windows in Pages, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and other applications.
    • Tabs can be used in third-party apps. No developer adoption is required.
  • Picture in Picture will keep you updated on your favorite video or the big game.
    • As you work, float a video window from Safari and iTunes over your desktop.
    • The Picture in Picture window can be placed in any corner. It will stay put even if you move or use full screen.
  • Rediscover the most memorable moments from your Photos Library.
    • Memories lets you save favorite and forgotten moments from your photos.
    • You can see who is in your images. Photos automatically groups photos of the same person using advanced face recognition technology.
    • Intelligent search can recognize scenes and objects in photos, so you can search your photos by what's inside them.
    • An interactive map of the world lets you track your photo expeditions.
  • Get Apple Music in iTunes for a brand new experience.
    • The redesigned Apple Music makes it easy to navigate your library.
    • Expert curation and advanced machine-learning that provide the best recommendations will help you discover great new music.
  • Liven up your Messages conversations
    • Watch web videos and preview web content right in a conversation
    • Quick, handy Tapbacks allow you to respond to messages.
    • Express yourself with 3x more emojis
    • You can see the stickers, digital touch, invisible ink and handwritten messages that your friends send to you from your iOS device.

Some features may not be available across all languages or regions. Some features require hardware. Some features require an iCloud storage account.

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Version 10.12.6:

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