MacDaddyX for MAC

v 0.2.0b21
Category  System Utilities

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About MacDaddyX For MAC

MacDaddy a powerful and easy-to-use MAC Address Changer. MacDaddy does NOT change the hardware-burned MAC addresses. MacDaddy modifies the "software-based" MAC addresses. Allows modifications to any NIC that allows the use of built-in utilities. MacDaddy allows users to hide their real MAC addresses in the publicly available Network. This helps protect their privacy. MacDaddy helps Network and IT Security professionals troubleshoot network issues, test Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems, test Incident Response Plans, build high-availability solution plans, recover (MAC Address based on) software licenses, and more.

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Whats New

Version 0.2.0b21:

  • Growl Notifications.
  • Feedback Form.
  • Fixed code for faster startup.
  • Change button disabled on same MAC.
  • Leopard Compatibitly Fix.