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Able2Extract Professional 8.0
Author: Inc.
Date: 27 April, 2013
Downloads: 4
Size: 37.3 MB
License: Demo
Able2Extract Professional is a powerful PDF Converter tool that lets users convert their PDF data into formatted MS Excel spreadsheets, editable MS Word documents, forms, powerpoint presentations, Autocad (DWG, DXF), Open Office, image formats (jpeg,
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X, Mac Other
Category: Business / Office Suites & Tools
progeCAD Viewer DWG 1.38
Author: ProgeCAD srl
Date: 07 May, 2012
Downloads: 551
Size: 16.4 MB
License: Freeware
rogeCAD DWG Viewer is a perfect tool for 2D/3D drawing visualization on your Mac platform.
Category: Business / Other
DWG DXF Converter 1.40
Author: Eric Pousse
Date: 20 September, 2012
Downloads: 4
Size: 16.9 MB
License: Shareware
DWG/DXF Converter allows you to convert DWG and/or DXF files version 12 to 2007 on DWG and/or DXF files version 12 to 2007. So you can very simply convert a DWG 2007 file to a DWG 12 file or to a DXF 2000 file.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.4 or later.
Category: Utilities / File & Disk Management
Secure PDF - LockLizard Protected PDF Mac viewer 2.5.36
Author: LockLizard Limited
Date: 06 April, 2013
Downloads: 44
Size: 5.1 MB
License: Freeware
PDF secure Mac viewer software with copy protection. View PDC documents protected with Lizard Safeguard PDF Security. No useless passwords to enter in order to view protected PDF files. Free PDF DRM download for complete PDF Control.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5
Category: Security & Privacy / Encryption Tools
Microspot DWG Viewer 1. 6. 2005
Author: Microspot Ltd
Date: 10 September, 2012
Downloads: 107
Size: 6.7 MB
License: Shareware
Microspot DWG Viewer is a product based on Microspot MacDraft Professional which enables AutoCAD DWG files produced on a PC to be opened and viewed on Apple Macintosh Computers running Mac OS X (v10.2.8) or later.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.2.8 or later
Category: Graphic Apps / Viewers
AutoCAD WS 1.0
Author: Autodesk Inc.
Date: 08 August, 2012
Downloads: 235
Size: 4.5 MB
License: Freeware
View, edit and share your design files with AutoCAD® WS for Mac® app.

AutoCAD® WS for Mac® is a simple and free* CAD application that enables you to view and edit DWG™ and DXF™ files.
Category: Business / Other
CAD File Converter M 3.0
Author: Interstudio
Date: 24 September, 2012
Downloads: 8
Size: 0
License: Shareware
CAD File Converter can import drawings in DWG, DXF and DXB from version 12 to 2011 version and DWF format, compressed and uncompressed.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Graphic Apps / Other
Able2Extract for Mac 8.0
Author: Inc.
Date: 18 December, 2012
Downloads: 14
Size: 23.1 MB
License: Demo
Able2Extract 8 enables users on Mac, Windows, and Linux to view and convert data from Adobe PDF and Text formats into formatted Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, Publisher files, PowerPoint presentations, Open Office formats, AutoCad files and HTML
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.5
Category: Business / Office Suites & Tools
DeltaCad 7.0.4
Author: Midnight Software
Date: 08 August, 2012
Downloads: 49
Size: 13.8 MB
License: Shareware
DeltaCad® - World's easiest CAD program!!!

DeltaCad® is a powerful, easy to learn CAD (Computer Aided Design) program designed to meet all of your CAD needs.
Category: Graphic Apps / Other
gModeller 1.5
Author: Greenspace Live Ltd
Date: 18 September, 2013
Downloads: 5
Size: 10.0 MB
License: Shareware
gModeller is an innovative Google SketchUpplug-in. It's easy to use, compatible with most energy and modelling systems and simplifies the process of doing accurate energy analyses and early stage 'what-if' scenarios.gModeller is the only SketchUp plu
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Network & Internet / Other
McDwiff 19
Author: Austin Silver Software
Date: 26 September, 2012
Downloads: 39
Size: 307.2 KB
License: Shareware
McDwiff is a Mac OS X application that opens, views, converts, and prints DWF and DWFx files (not DWG or DXF files! For those, use AutoCAD for Mac.)
McDwiff connects to Autodesk's online DWF translator, so accuracy is always 100%.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Business / Other
TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D 7.0
Author: IMSI/Design
Date: 11 May, 2013
Downloads: 19
Size: 878.9 MB
License: Shareware
TurboCAD Mac Deluxe 2D/3D is the all-purpose design solution. Easily share data with common file formats and design with powerful 2D/3D drafting and modeling tools. Serial no: MTAC-0650-0661-1320-3270 and Activation key: 0410-1903-7972-6D1D-7473
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Graphic Apps / CAD
iCADMac 2011.4.26.SL
Author: iCADMac
Date: 24 November, 2013
Downloads: 37
Size: 138.3 MB
License: Freeware
CAD users have waited for almost 20 years for AutoCAD to return to the Mac... 20 Years? How disappointed they must have been when they discovered the pricetag... $4000+We present... iCADMac!
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.1, Mac OS X 10.2, Mac OS X 10.3, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS X 10.6
Category: Graphic Apps
PowerCADD 6.2
Author: Engineered Software
Date: 03 June, 2012
Downloads: 8
Size: 20.0 MB
License: Demo
About PowerCADD
When you sit down to draw, you want that old feeling of drawing on a piece of paper. You want to move around quickly, draw perfect lines and detail things in a heartbeat. Or just sketch. You don t want to fight with a computer.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.2 or later 600MHz PowerPC G3 processor or higher 50MB availa
Category: Graphic Apps / Other
RealCADD 4.8
Author: adX
Date: 18 July, 2012
Downloads: 10
Size: 22.6 MB
License: Shareware
If you're looking for a powerful, true vector based Computer Assisted Drawing program that's reasonably priced... then RealCADD is made for you.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 Intel, Mac OS X 10.5 PPC
Category: Graphic Apps / Other
Helicon Focus Pro X64 4. 2. 2007
Author: d-Studio, Ltd.
Date: 11 July, 2012
Downloads: 2
Size: 10.6 MB
License: Demo
Helicon Focus is designed to blend the focused areas of several partially focused digital photographs to increase the depth of field.
Platform: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Category: Graphic Apps / Other
AutoCAD LT 2012
Author: Autodesk Inc.
Date: 16 May, 2012
Downloads: 15
Size: 419.0 MB
License: Shareware
AutoCAD LT® for Mac®

The new AutoCAD LT for Mac software brings powerhouse drafting tools to the Mac. Providing native support for DWG™ file format, AutoCAD LT for Mac helps you efficiently document and share designs.
Category: Graphic Apps / Other
eDrawings Viewer 1.0A
Author: SolidWorks Corporation
Date: 31 March, 2013
Downloads: 22
Size: 57.4 MB
License: Freeware
View, print, and review all types of eDrawings files, supported AutoCAD?’A® files and SolidWorks parts, assemblies and drawingsDownload free eDrawings Viewer software for the Mac to view, print, and review all types of eDrawings files.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X 10.4
Category: Graphic Apps / CAD
DXF Export Java 7
Author: CADSoftTools
Date: 28 April, 2010
Downloads: 43
Size: 135.8 KB
License: Shareware
Cross-platform developer Java library for exporting CAD entities and data to AutoCAD DXF with ease. Supports all major entities, as well as layers, colors, line styles and other important properties. Comes with source code and working demos.
Platform: Mac, Unix, Mac OS X, Mac PPC, Windows2000
Category: Graphic Apps / CAD
Enolsoft DjVu Viewer for Mac 2.0.0
Author: Enolsoft
Date: 05 January, 2013
Downloads: 170
Size: 4.6 MB
License: Shareware
Enolsoft DjVu Viewer for Mac is a simple yet useful utility for Mac users to easily open and read DJVU files on Mac with bookmark, continuous scrolling and Zoom-in, Zoom-out.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Business / Other
WMF Viewer and Convertor 2.6.3
Author: Cristallight Software
Date: 17 October, 2013
Downloads: 8
Size: 10.9 MB
License: Shareware
The program is graphics viewer which helps you to view WMF on Mac, and convert them to numerous vector and raster formats including PDF(vector), EPS, JPG, GIF, TIF, PSD, PICT, PNG, BMP, SGI.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Graphic Apps
RMS Viewer 1.0.2
Date: 13 October, 2013
Downloads: 4
Size: 1.6 MB
License: Freeware
RMS Viewer enables Mac computers to consume Microsoft Windows Rights Management protected documents recieved by mail or any other application.
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X 10.6
Category: Business / Other
MS Project Viewer for Mac 3.1.3
Author: MS Project Viewer
Date: 14 March, 2015
Downloads: 357
Size: 9.4 MB
License: Shareware
MOOS Project Viewer is a Microsoft Project viewer that can open any MS Project file type (.mpp, .mpt, .mpx, .xml) for any Microsoft Project version (2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010). Available views: WBS, Gantt chart, task sheet, resource sheet, calendars
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5, Mac Other
Category: Business / Project Management
VSD Viewer 3.0.2
Author: Sergiy Savenko
Date: 17 September, 2013
Downloads: 76
Size: 0
License: Shareware
Now viewing of Visio drawings on Mac OS X is possible!
Preview, convert to PDF, share and print any MS Visio VSD, VDX and VSDX drawing on your Mac.

By using VSD Viewer you can freely distribute Visio drawings and diagrams to team mem
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Business
Audit Viewer 1.0
Author: Net Squared Inc.
Date: 27 December, 2013
Downloads: 3
Size: 0
License: Shareware
Audit Viewer lets you browse your Mac's BSM audit records. The Mac's auditing system is like an airplane's flight recorder system for your computer. When something goes wrong, it can be your most valuable source of data to reconstruct exactly what ha
Platform: Mac, Mac OS X
Category: Utilities