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v 1.20
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About Lzip For MAC

Lzip can be used as a data compressor that is lossless and has a user interface that is similar to gzip and bzip2. Lzip compresses files about as fast as Gzip (lzip-0), and can compress most files faster than bzip2(lzip-9). The decompression speed is between gzip2 and bzip2. From a data recovery perspective, Lzip is superior to gzip2 and bzip2.

The lzip file format was designed for data sharing and long term archiving. It takes into account both data integrity as well as decoder availability.

  • The lzip format offers data recovery and integrity checks that are very safe. The lziprecover software can repair bit-flip errors, one of the most common forms data corruption in lzip files. It also provides data recovery capabilities, including error checking merging of damaged files.
  • The lzip format is as easy as possible, but not simpler. The lzip Manual provides the source code for a simple decompressor and a detailed explanation of its operation. This makes it possible for digital archaeologists to extract data from lzip files long after quantum computers make LZMA obsolete.
  • The lzip reference implementation has been copylefted. This guarantees that it will remain completely free for all time.

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Whats New

Version 1.20:

  • Added new option '--loose-trailing'
  • Improved corrupt header detection to HD=3
  • Show corrupt or truncated header in multimember file
  • Option '-S, --volume-size' now keeps input files
  • Adjust dictionary size for each member
  • Replaced 'bits/byte' with inverse compression ratio in output
  • Show progress of decompression at verbosity level 2 (-vv)
  • Show progress of (de)compression only if stderr is a terminal
  • Show final diagnostic when testing multiple files
  • Do not add a second .lz extension to the arg of -o
  • Show stored sizes also in hex
  • Show dictionary size at verbosity level 4 (-vvvv)
  • lzip.texi: Added chapter 'Output'