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v 3.0b
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About littleDarkr For MAC

Darkr supports simplicity, concentration & privacy: this simple yet powerful background-app gives you a quick light/dark-switch in the menubar, a quick mic-mute, a mac-concentration-button - and lots of options to fully control the 'dark-mode' of your mac: add personal, automated daily light/dark-times (yours or through local sun / moon-position), switching-sounds, -hotkeys or just only darken/lighten the colors of your macs windows. You can increase your concentration by reducing distracting macOS-animations and eye-candy to a minimum. A 'privacy-option' lets you increase the boot- and sleep-security of your Mac. This little tool is ideal for power-users. It does not track you and is completely free (donationware).

  • Dark-/Light Switch in the menubar: Quick-toggle light/dark-mode *middle click*
  • opened app: control dark-mode through a 'switching'-companion (choose one with different switching-sounds)
  • Animal, right eye: toggle dark mode (and back to normal)
  • Animal, left eye: toggle only dark/light *windows* colors (and back to normal)
  • Automation-buttons: program your personal dark/ light-clock (automated dark-/light-switching)
  • Hotkey-Button: individual darkmode-hotkey
  • Attention-Button: Disable / Reduce and Re-Enable MacOS-Animations
  • Security-Button: Increase boot- and sleep-security for your mac
  • Microphone-Mute is a quick way to disable or enable microphone input (deep-locking in future releases).

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Whats New

Version 3.0b:

  • mic-mute; ui-simplification / hidpi, eye on memory-pressure & bugfixes.
  • macOS 10.12 or later (nearly all features work with 10.11+; dark/light-windows: 10.13+ (hidden beta feature)