LiteSpeed Web Server for MAC

v 5.4.7
Category  Internet Utilities

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About LiteSpeed Web Server For MAC

LiteSpeed Web Server can handle thousands concurrent connections and has a small memory footprint. It is less susceptible to various attacks.

LiteSpeed Web server has been designed to be a secure Webserver. With chroot jail and IP level bandwidth throttling as well as connection accounting and strict HTTP request checking, DoS effects can be minimized. The application backend can also be properly fenced off from the HTTP request layer, reducing vulnerability.

  • High Performance Secure HTTP (HTTPS: Supports SSLv2, SSLv3 & TLSv1
  • Access Control at the server, virtual host, and directory (context level) levels
  • File system protection
  • HTTP Authentication
  • IP level throttling (Bandwidth, Request Rate)
  • Comprehensive IP level connection accounting
  • Hotlink protection
  • Strict HTTP request checking
  • Protection for static files
  • External application firewall to protect dynamic content
  • CGI resources consumption limit
  • CGI suEXEC exution and chroot
  • Chroot whole server process [Enterprise Edition only]
  • Zero downtime maintanance (include reconfiguration, software upgrade)
  • Instant recovery and watchdog maximizes up-time
  • Graceful shutdown. All requests will be processed.
  • It runs completely in the user space. OS reliability is not affected
  • CGI, Fast CGI, and servlet engines run in separate processes. Third-party software does not affect the reliability of the Web server.

Note that Free Tier has limitations. More information

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Whats New

Version 5.4.7:

New Features:
  • Added strict suEXEC and ownership checking on scripts.
  • Added ability to configure static/dynamic request per second limit for Apache vhost.
  • Fixed a symbolic link attack in directory auto index script. Thank you KnownHost for the bug report. (CloudLinux user is not affected.)
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA triggering for the first access of an allowed robot.
  • Added "Cache-Control: no-cache" to reCAPTCHA verification page to disallow CDN/proxy cache.
  • Fixed delayed .htaccess loading.
  • Fixed a delayed server response bug with HTTP/2.
  • Fixed a NodeJS websocket backend configuration bug.
  • Shared lib for lscmctl script is now updated on server install/update.
  • Prevent ports 443 and 80 from being used as WebAdmin listener port.
  • Avoid triggering 503 errors when cPanel backend services (cpcontacts, webdisk, ...) are unavailable.
  • Automatically update /proc/sys/net/core/somaxconn to 1024 whenever server performs a fresh startup.
  • Added after=lve_namespaces.service to systemd unit file.