Licensed for MAC

v 1.0
Category  Productivity

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About Licensed For MAC

Licensed This area allows you to place your license keys for your software. We made every effort to make entering details as easy and quick as possible. Software licenses are not something you should be worrying about.

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Whats New

Version 1.0:

  • Uses a smaller font for all controls to be more compact.
  • Redesigned toolbar icons.
  • You can now drop applications onto the Licensed icon or onto the main list to create entries for them. It will fill in the product name, version and maker where possible.
  • Your last-used e-mail address is now remembered and used when you add a license.
  • The e-mail drop-down list now shows up to 7 items at a time and a scrollbar when there are more.
  • The delete button is now enabled when more than one license is selected.
  • When search yields only one result, pressing Return will move focus to the Maker field rather than the list of licenses.
  • After deleting an item, the focus is on the list of licenses, rather than "nowhere".
  • Choosing the Find command automatically shows the toolbar if it was hidden.
  • Fixed a bug where the Search field would stop working after the toolbar customisation sheet was shown.
  • Added more default vendors.