LICEcap for MAC

v 1.31
Category  System Utilities

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About LICEcap For MAC

LICEcap for Mac allows you to capture select areas of your screen and save them as GIF or LCF. With the right tools, creativity is possible. LICEcap allows you to create narrative and visually appealing screenshots in just one click.

  • The app allows you save captured screenshots directly to.GIF and.LCF files.
  • LICEcap for Mac is a great tool for those who want to capture some desktop activity and then use it to demonstrate in tutorials.
  • You can easily move the screen capture frame to create exactly what you want.
  • To toggle pausing while recording a GIF, use a global hotkey (shift+space).
  • You can even track clicks of mouse buttons.
  • LICEcap allows you to adjust the maximum recording frame rate to regulate CPU usage.

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Whats New

Version 1.31:

  • Big Sur support
  • Apple Silicon (M1) native support
  • now requires macOS 10.7 or later (10.6 users can use v1.30 for eternity)