Komodo IDE for MAC

v 12.0.1
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About Komodo IDE For MAC

Cross-Platform IDE to support all major languages such as Python, Ruby, Perl and Tcl.

The regular expression toolkit, code intelligence, visual navigation, and debugging tools are all award-winning. They help developers write cleaner code faster and integrate source code control. A project manager and multi-user support aid in team development.

Komodo IDE's smart tools have been designed with developers freedom and choice in mind.

The price quoted is for a single license. provides additional pricing information.

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Whats New

Version 12.0.1:

Note: Free tier has limitations. More info here

  • Add ActiveState Platform integration - you can now create and manage projects with an ActiveState Platform runtime, allowing for sandboxed environments, secret, script and package management, and much more.
  • Various CodeIntel improvements on Komodo Edit contributed by ssigwart (not relevant on IDE as it uses a newer CodeIntel version)
  • Lots of SDK and improvements that improve the overall stability of Komodo
  • Add back in blank MRU warning, but skip when blanks allowed
  • Add dataset, contentEditable, isContentEditable, dir, and hidden DOM properties.
  • Add jump to code fold command
  • Added ‘Close All’ action in tab context menus;
  • Allow Alt-Left/Right in commando to jump words
  • Allow extra include/exclude filters in project searches
  • Changed default Python from Python 2 to Python 3
  • Enhanced Open Files UI so that the close button no longer overlaps
  • Enhanced search ordering when searching for open files
  • Re-introduced click margin to select.
  • Support JS and CSS block comment reflow
  • Update fold jumping to try to keep the same level as the current line, but go to parents if that fails
  • Login dialog failing to authenticate user.
  • Blank replacement value not being remembered.
  • Bookmarks not deleting properly when lines are deleted.
  • Can’t change vars in paused ruby >= 2 debug pane.
  • Commando tooltip not updating;
  • Crash recovery not reopening the right files.
  • Ctrl/Cmd + up/down jumps to top/btm of completions list.
  • F1 and Help > Help fails to open help Docs.
  • OSX Edit installer and update bits.
  • Environment information not properly cleaning up when closing projects
  • Error on block select due to selection past end of line.
  • MacOs dropdown menu’s becoming stuck.
  • Minimap sometimes not toggling properly.
  • Packages not being installed when clicking the "Open" link.
  • Project Wizard Folder picker opening a file picker
  • Project wizard not staying on top
  • Snippets sometimes failing to insert.
  • Tabbing through fields sometimes not working on Mac.
  • UI twisty icons hard to see;