Komodo Edit for MAC

v 12.0.1
Category  Productivity

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About Komodo Edit For MAC

Komodo Editor is a multi-language editor that makes writing quality code easy. Your editor will take care of the details. Instead of focusing on what your code can do, you should be focusing on the benefits.

Award-winning editing of dynamic languages such as Perl, PHP and Python, Ruby, and Tcl; plus support browser-side code like JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Background syntax checking and syntax coloring immediately catch errors, while AutoComplete or CallTips guide as you write.

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Whats New

Version 12.0.1:

The following bugs have been resolved:
  • Legacy: Fix ko.run.command ‘file not found’ error.
  • Commando: Fix env overwriting when running command in shell.
  • Update restart triggers crash recovery. Fixes #3838.
  • State tool: Preference selection was saved but not being displayed on subsequent Prefence dialog opens.
  • State tool: ‘find on path’ preference saving empty string.
  • State tool: Support Two Factor Auth in state tool SDK
  • State tool: Fix Komodo login dialog blocking start up when state tool fails
  • Start up Wizard: State tool binary pref and install instructions wrong