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v 0.23.1
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About kitty For MAC

kitty, a fast and feature-rich, GPU-based terminal emulator, is available.

  • For lower system load and smooth scrolling, offload rendering to the GPU. Threaded rendering is used to reduce input latency
  • All modern terminal features are supported: graphics (images), true-color, OpenType Ligatures, graphics protocol, focus tracking and bracketed paste.
  • Multiple terminal windows can be tiled side-by-side in different layouts without the need for an additional program such as tmux
  • You can control SSH remotely using scripts and the shell prompt
  • A framework for Kittens that allows you to create small terminal programs that can be used in order to extend your cat's functionality. They are used for Unicode input and Hints, as well as Side-by-side diff.
  • Supports startup sessions that allow you to specify the window/tab layout and working directories, as well as programs to run on startup
  • Cross-platform: Kitty works on Linux, macOS, and it uses only OpenGL to render. It should be trivial for other Unix-like platforms to port it.
  • This allows you to open the scrollback buffer from a separate window with arbitrary programs of choice. This is useful to browse the history in a pager editor.
  • Has multiple copy/paste buffers, like vim

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Whats New

Version 0.23.1:

  • Fix themes kitten failing to download themes because of missing SSL root certificates
  • A new option clipboard_max_size to control the maximum size of data that kitty will transmit to the system clipboard on behalf of programs running inside it
  • When matching windows/tabs in kittens or using remote control, allow matching by recency. recent:0 matches the active window/tab, recent:1 matches the previous window/tab and so on
  • Themes kitten: Fix only the first custom theme file being loaded correctly