KensingtonWorks for MAC

v 2.1.11
Category  System Utilities

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About KensingtonWorks For MAC

TrackballWorks(tm), the award-winning trackball software from Kensington, is being consolidated into KensingtonWorks (tm) to simplify your software solution for all your Kensington trackballs and mice. To accommodate different products and models, we are gradually phasing in new versions of KensingtonWorks(tm). We want to make sure you have devices that work exactly as you do. This will allow you to increase productivity and improve workflow efficiency. KensingtonWorks(tm), a tool that personalizes your experience with Kensington(r), trackballs, mice, and presenters. KensingtonWorks(tm), designed to increase productivity, allows you to modify pointer settings, customize button functions, and tailor your device functionality to your specific needs.

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Whats New

  • Initial release