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v 3.9
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About iZip For MAC

iZip has been designed for Mac users. It is simple to use, powerful, and easy to use. iZip offers the latest encryption and compression technology, allowing you to share, compress, and secure your files with ease.

  • Zip and unzip - The familiar Mac Finder allows you to manage the contents of most archive file formats, such as WinZip, WinRAR and others. Archive files can be saved directly to zip files or you can drag-and-drop files from one archive to another. You don't have to extract all of the contents of a zip file in order to access a few files. iZip was developed by Mac OS engineers and allows for seamless management of your archives.
  • Encrypt files Secure confidential data with AES encryption. iZip's powerful security features will protect your personal information from prying eyes. iZip offers zip encryption up to 256 bits AES zip encryption so you can be sure that no one will have access to your confidential information.
  • Share files Tired of email attachment size limits and getting bounce notifications after waiting half an hour for an email message? Don't waste your time worrying about whether your file was received. iZip allows you to share your archive with just a few clicks. It integrates seamlessly with the fast and secure files.com file-sharing service. Securely send and get files between friends and colleagues, even those who are running Windows or Linux.

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Whats New

Version 3.9:

  • Tweaks, bugfixes and enhancements