iText Express for MAC

v 3.4.3
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About iText Express For MAC

iText Express This text editor is intuitive, cute, and refined. It supports both Intel Macs and Power PCs. iText Express is the easiest way to create beautiful manuscripts on your Mac. It's delicious! iText Express includes the TextEdit basics, along with a few additional features - page numbers and columns, header/footer, footnotes – that are essential for manuscript writing. A bookmark feature allows for lightning-quick navigation to your manuscript. This is a remarkable feature for anyone looking for a reliable word processor for Mac OS X.

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Whats New

Version 3.4.3:

  • You can now control text by performing gestures with the Multi-Touch trackpad below:
    • 'Pinch Open & Close' makes a text zoom in and out.
    • Rotating a text clockwise or counterclockwise turns the writing direction appropriately to the Vertical Writing or the Horizontal Writing.
  • Enhanced the Information Area, to be available for the zoom box with Wrap to Window as well as Wrap to Page.
  • Enabled to compose the page layout even when Wrap to Window is checked. After composing, it also leads you to switch the current setting to Wrap to Page showing a natural message that enable you to apply it right away.
  • Fixed some bugs and improved stability.